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Our social enterprise believes in unity in diversity, and we want to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all humans, regardless of who they are.

First Place: Monash SEED Incubator Program 2020

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The ekta.mask is:

  • HEADWEAR/EAR FRIENDLY: this mask is specifically made to secure from the back of the head, rather than your ears. This allows people with religious headwear, as well as those who find it difficult to loop their masks around their ears (along with wearing earrings, headphones, and who knows what!) to wear their mask comfortably.
  • FOG-REDUCING: glasses-wearers; say goodbye to your masks constantly fogging up! Through the creation of a seal flap, the air can be trapped within the mask itself.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: our reusable masks are environmentally-friendly, and sustainable as well, ensuring that we minimise our carbon footprint on our planet Earth.
  • CREATING LOCAL JOBS IN OVERLOOKED COMMUNITIES: finally, by purchasing an ekta. mask, you will be helping create jobs in overlooked communities in Melbourne, including refugees and asylum seekers & migrants.

At, we truly believe in the importance of unity in diversity. People wearing religious headwear have been overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic, and through purchasing this mask, you will ensure that this message of unity of diversity continues to spread, and you help local communities during this difficult time.

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About Us

Growing up, our parents emphasised the Hindi phrase अनेकता में एकता – translating to unity in diversity. And especially in the current climate that we live in today, this phrase is now more important than ever. This is what our company,, has taken inspiration from. Read more

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