About Us

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“Growing up, our parents have emphasised the Hindi phrase अनेकता में एकता – translating to unity in diversity. And especially in the current climate that we live in today, this phrase is now more important than ever. This is what our company, ekta.melbourne, has taken inspiration from.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to diversify and provide eco-friendly healthcare products for those who are commonly overlooked, so that we can provide employment opportunities and skills to a diverse framework of minority communities, such as refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

About Us

ekta.melbourne was created by a group of 3 medical students that saw a large gap in the market when it came to reusable masks for people from diverse backgrounds. Coming from migrant backgrounds themselves, the founders of ekta.melbourne took this as yet another example of the health inequalities that are so prevalent within our society.

Our Motto

Our motto is, and always will be unity in diversity. Our aim at ekta.melbourne is to reduce both the subtle and overt health inequalities within our communities and we will be doing so through our first project; the ekta. mask.

Meet Our Founders

Ayesha Barmare

Monish Puri

Anika Yesmin

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